Student Expectations & Culture

Group of students in classroom

At West Early College we work towards the embodiment of our shared values. Our PRIDE values and related connections to college and career success are present in classrooms, school wide events, and daily conversations. WEC prides itself on student-driven culture and continuous development. PRIDE serves as the foundation of our student-led school culture and is the basis of our shared success. 

P.R.I.D.E. values logo

P – Purpose
R – Respect
I  – Integrity
D – Determination
E – Engagement

At WEC all students (6-12) will be engaged in weekly assemblies and digital events with their fellow students. Our assemblies are oriented around student celebrations, information sharing, and student-driven entertainment and extracurriculars. Our social media channels are access points for additional student, family, and staff events and communication.

We believe in a restorative justice based student-led culture where students are encouraged to advocate for themselves, actively listen, and resolve conflict collaboratively. At West Early College, we do this by 

College and Career Expectations

  1. Follow directions immediately
  2. Remain on task (work on what you are supposed to)
  3. Allow others to work without disturbance or harm
  4. Be prepared for class (on time, mindset, West gear, materials)
  5. Self advocate (respectfully and at the appropriate time)

At West Early College all students are asked to work towards and meet the College and Career Expectations in order to be prepared for their post-secondary futures. Students are asked to engage in learning in advisory classes, assemblies, and facilitated opportunities to self-reflect and set individual and group goals in order to create a positive collaborative school culture.