Early College Opportunities

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The Early College Model at West provides our students and community with access to a variety of postsecondary college and career options. West Early College’s priority is to eliminate, racial, social, academic, and economic barriers our graduates may encounter in current higher education and job market environments. We do this by offering on and off campus college level learning opportunities (Concurrent Enrollment). We also connect our students to career pathways and industry certificate options (CareerConnect) during their journey towards graduation.

Concurrent Enrollment

All High School students take college courses in Math and English where they can receive college credits on their way to an associates degree upon graduation from WEC. WEC partners with local universities and colleges to provide additional college courses in ethnic studies, African American studies, Chicano studies, women’s history, psychology, sociology, communications, speech and debate, traditional sciences and much more. Each year our college course menu changes  in order to provide both in-person and virtual classes that fit the interests of our school community. We have WEC educators who teach college courses on our campus and in partnership with higher education professors to provide our students and families with immediate access to obtain college credits with individualized support in our classes. The majority of our graduating Seniors will have transferable college credits with little to no cost to families. 

To learn more about our college and concurrent enrollment opportunities, resources, partnerships, and platforms please visit the College & Career section.

CareerConnect – Pathways and Certificates

Beginning in Middle School students are exposed to our CareerConnect pathways and engage in learning in the fields of:

  1. Healthcare 
  2. Technology 
  3. Health Science and Personal Training 
  4. Graphic Design and Multimedia 

These four unique pathways and the associated courses include early exposure activities, hands on experience, specialized learning opportunities, internship hours, and industry certifications. WEC partners with local industry professionals at DenverHealth and related businesses to accelerate student learning and prepare them for careers in their field of study as soon as they graduate. 

To learn more about each unique pathway please watch the informational videos from our CareerConnect Pathway Director, Zach McDowell.