Middle School

WEC MS Students and Families: In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, West Early College Middle School teacher’s contact information and quick access to remote learning schedules, assignments and instruction can be found here.

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Ms. Angell Math Intervention/ Classroom Link Period 3 Class Code: bw2xoim Period 5 Class Code: 4g4t6bd
Ms. Archuleta Digital Design/ Classroom Link  Period 2 Class Code: vecok2e  Period 4 Class Code: 7yh24gx Period 5 Class Code: ryw5an5 Period 8 Class Code: fncixze Period 9 Class Code: eztahng
Mr. Armijo Math Intervention/Classroom Link Period 3 Class Code: wx6dh74 Period 9 Class Code: nocm34j
Ms. Brunaga ELD/ Classroom Link

Google Meet

 Period 1 Class Code: 4xqzjrl  Period 2 Class Code: bfgptgf  Period 4 Class Code: bipgolb  Period 5 Class Code: olceyhi  Period 9 Class Code:  6o4hg7c
Ms. Collins

Ms. Nesladek

8th Grade English/ Classroom Link  Period 1 Class Code: iqljivq  Period 2 Class Code: ntyxnbw Period 3 Class Code: nbv5zm3 Period 5 Class Code: t6idcxo Period 9 Class Code:


Mr. Cooke Choir Period 9: Google Classroom & Code wxs6ivh Period 9: Schoology & Code: P99T-VQT6-5NSTM
Mr. Dardis 7th Grade Math & Math I/ Classroom Link Period 1 Class Code: XS6HDAS Period 3 Class Code: PA53W6R Period 5 Class Code: 5WV3JML Period 8 Class Code: NJUWY4M Period 9 Class Code: ZHUDEXR
Mr. Depaolo 8th Grade SS Social Studies Classroom Link  & Code: ypus7o5 Action Learning Classroom Link  & Code:q7ihqxi
Mr. Hastings PE/ Classroom Link Period 2 Class Code: f3xfm6b Period 3 Class Code: nbymy4g Period 5 Class Code: wojh3zd Period 7 Class Code: gqai7vt Period 8 Class Code: 7j3ro3x Period 9 Class Code: eyaui2u
Mr. Hilburn Mild Moderate

Math Classroom Link

Period 3 Class Code: 3tx3v4e Period 5 Class Code: yy47wrd Period 8 Class Code: xblrezp
Ms. Hinton 7th Grade Science

Math Intervention/Classroom Link

Period 1 Class Code: 6sg5qg6 Period 3 Class Code: fp7mbna Period 4 Class Code: q6ymnq6 Period 8 Class Code: 53ajptt Period 9 Class Code: psgqwk2
Mr. Hodges READ 180  Google Classroom  Class Code (All Periods): varu5wk
Ms. Johnson 7th/8th Grade

Science/ Classroom Link

 Period 1 Class Code: ujyfhsa  Period 2 Class Code: hhfdmiy  Period 3 Class Code: apfh3qz  Period 4 Class Code: avvypky  Period 8 Class Code:


Ms. Jones Orchestra & Band/ Classroom Link Period 5 Class Code: 7r4oale Period 8 Class Code: 66poq3v
Ms. Ketelhut 6th/ 7th Grade Science/ Classroom Link  Period 1 Class Code: 4mksjy5  Period 2 Class Code: h6vh7qq Period 3 Class Code: enyb433  Period 8 Class Code: tfsh7l2 Period 9 Class Code: zjqbvyt
Ms. Laarman Math 180/ Classroom Link Period 3 Class Code: 3tx3v4e Period 5 Class Code: yy47wrd Period 8 Class Code: xblrezp
Ms. Marcks Mild Moderate


Ms. Nagle 6th/7th Grade SS
 Period 1: Google Classroom Code: 5ref5qd
Schoology: J6PX-C7RK-JBS8R
 Period 2: Google Classroom Code: hch62tx
Schoology: 8TTN-QCNQ-HHQNP
Period 4: Google Classroom Code: aeo45ic
Schoology: TR3H-WVPG-8WFSP
 Period 8: Google Classroom Code: ouilzb6
Schoology: B2P7-XPMM-WTJN5
Period 9: Google Classroom Code:vtbtrvr
Schoology: 54Q9-R6GJ-HKG6C
Ms. Powell 6th Grade English/ Classroom Link  Period 2 Class Code: 543v3b2  Period 3 Class Code: eopomzv  Period 4 Class Code: esoevwd  Period 5 Class Code: jtg73nz  Period 9 Class Code: 2wztxsc
Google meet office hours every Tuesday and Thursday From 9-12
Ms. Rose 7th Grade English

English I/ Classroom Link

Period 1 Class Code: 3ckhgoq Period 2 Class Code: e2s6tqh Period 3 Class Code: f23uzkh Period 5 Class Code: 23tyj2r Period 9 Class Code: kccl444
Mr. Salinas Middle Lift (Uplift)/ Classroom Link Period 5 Class Code: 4fxgchb
Ms. Sherlock 6th Grade SS/ Classroom Link  Period 2 Class Code: xdbcebq Period 4 Class Code: sx75hkm Period 8 Class Code: fkscd57
Ms. St.Marie 6th Grade Math/Classroom Link Period 1 Class Code: uxd7uw7 Period 3 Class Code: 226fe35 Period 4 Class Code: ym273ld Period 5 Class Code: wwwon2z Period 8 Class Code: isqqdvz
Mr. Stinnett 8th Grade Math/Classroom Link Period 1 Class Code: wuf5pfb Period 4 Class Code: vkp2pxt Period 5 Class Code: 4f7cjio Period 8 Class Code: pnum3of Period 9 Class Code: h72zcqh
Ms. Weber Psychologist/ Classroom Link Class Code: u62dbbr