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WEC HS Students and Families: In response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, West Early College High School teacher’s contact information and quick access to remote learning schedules, assignments and instruction can be found here.

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If you have not reset your password – it should be your 8 Digit Birthday

Mr. Ammerman BioMed & Human Body Systems/ Classroom Link BioMed Live Google Hangout 9am-10:30am Fridays/ Class Code: wkeweoo Human Body Systems Live Google Hangout 10:30am – 12pm Fridays/ Class Code: pwrblxb  Submit assignments via Google Docs or CANVAS
Mr. Anderson English II

Classroom Link

 Period 1 Class Code: edqyunj  Period 4 Class Code: du3p3pz  Period 5 Class Code: 3p5j46p  Period 7 Class Code: 57azklc  Period 8 Class Code: ur3zuwr
Ms. Bethscheider Civics, US History & Sociology/ Classroom Link  Period 1 Class Code: 3d5vght Period 2 Class Code: 6vqzyzf  Period 4 Class Code: mmsregh Period 7 Class Code: c6w74us Period 8 Class Code: urmmnx3
Mr. Bobbitt Credit Recovery Edgenuity/ Username: Student Email/ Password: 6 digit birthdate Final Assessment SIGN UP  
Ms. Branton English III, Hispanic American Lit. & Journalism Junior English Class Link & Code: 2da4wsl Hispanic Lit. Class Link & Code: uwlf4t4  Journalism Class Link & Code: yokwpmi
Ms. Brown Biology


Classroom Login

 Period 1 Class Code: yl32g2o  Period 2 Class Code: lgdyvga  Period 3 Class Code: mr6gjuz  Period 5 Class Code: 23ekdjq  Period 8 Class Code: iofkzbe
Mr. Carlson College Math  Math 120 Class Link & Code: nnu63dn/ MyMathLab MATH 135 CANVAS LINK  MATH 121: Student’s have their logins
Mr. Cooke Choir, Stagecraft & Music Appreciation/ Classroom Link/ Schoology
 Period 4 Class Code: twjxxju/ Schoology: Z343-DZSN-JQMX3
 Period 5 Class Code: sntdyju/ Schoology: 24DQ-N95H-TB7S4
 Period 7 Class Code: s4ju3y6/ Schoology: FPTP-DN4H-Q6J49
 Period 8 Class Code: q6xj2dh/ Schoology: 8DKXK-PX8V-NSDZD
Period 9 Class Code: wxs6ivh/ Schoology: P99T-VQT6-5NSTM
Mr. Doyle Math I & Math II/ Classroom Link  Math I Class Code: inslbub Math II Class Code: rjylzpw
Mr. Franco Math II/ Classroom Link/ Khan Academy
 Period 1 Class Code: zlfee6x
 Period 4 Class Code: 4hlz5hk
Khan Code: RR67MH52
 Period 5 Class Code: v5wephb
Khan Code: E4JEWMXA
 Period 7 Class Code: 5wnn4ub
Khan Code: YX62HY96
 Period 8 Class Code: 3rktimk
Khan Code: ZTSQ62Z4
Mr. Guardiola Classroom Link Class Code: jmt2gd5
Ms. Jones Drum, Orchestra, Guitar & Audio Prod./ Classrom Link  Period 4 Class Code: mck6jr7  Period 5 Class Code: 7r4oale  Period 7 Class Code: rje5y5o Period 8 Class Code: 66poq3v  Period 9 Class Code: rju2uc5
Mr. Jost Math I

Classroom Link

 Period 4 Class Code: pi6m4gv Period 5 Class Code: rxzir6m Period 9 Class Code: 4b7f6sv
Sgt. Kinder

Sgt. Martich


Classroom Link

 Period 2 Class Code: ggjcz2p Period 3 Class Code: 7qr27u3 Period 4 Class Code: gzi7com Period 5 Class Code: oanftol Period 7 Class Code: xrg7fqy Period 8 Class Code: 2vdpxyd
Ms. Kraft Mild Moderate SPED – English  Classroom Link Class Code: g5rncuw
Ms. Kreidler Physics & Earth Science Earth Science Classroom Link Physics Classroom Link 
Ms. Lucero HS Reading & ELD

Classroom Link

 Period 1 Class Code: 6qhn5nn Period 4 Class Code: wltmgpm Period 5 Class Code: u3ocxcn Period 8 Class Code: 2un3rnu Period 9 Class Code: qxpae7p
Dr. Lyn Markman Affective Needs (AN)  Classroom Link Class Code: tuuwipv
Ms. Mijare-Velasquez Mild Moderate SPED – Math  Classroom Link  Class Code: g5rncuw
Ms. Oviatt College English/ Classroom Link  ENG 122 Class Code: ejxpk43  ENG 121 Class Code: jyopnuo  CCR 092 Class Code: kn6ce2a
Mr. Quinn Digital Arts & Digital Media  Classroom Link Class Code: rl3zbfo
Mr. Rangel Future Center & Resources Classroom Link Class Code: ghcobzl
Mr. Rodriguez Guitar
Mr. Salinas Uplift/ Classroom Link  Period 7 Class Code: o4vrw4s  Period 8 Class Code: c6bllzf  Period 9 Class Code: mqlhofr
Mr. Smith ELA Support
Ms. Sullivan English I & African American Studies  Log in on Schoology Period 1

Code: 983M-4FMS-JKG8J
Period 5

Period 7

Period 8

Ms. Talmich Computer Science

Phone#: (720) 507-3324

 Period 1 Class Link & Code: oldjgli / Google Meet   Period 7 Class Link & Code: ck3ugdg/ Google Meet    Period 9 Class Link & Code: np574fl/ Google Meet
Mr. Valenzuela Health Science & Fitness/ Classroom Link  Period 1 Class Code:  ubxis5e Period 2 Class Code: ek3cdss Period 5 Class Code: gbqgjxk Period 7 Class Code: boxoz2r  Period 9 Class Code: nqhlesl
Mr. Velasquez Geography & US History

Classroom Link

 Period 1 Class Code: 7pkm54h  Period 2 Class Code: vwqmxl5  Period 5 Class Code: mj6nxwr  Period 7 Class Code: l67iwu6  Period 8 Class Code: sz2m7kx
Mr. Vogeler Chemistry Login at CANVAS    (Students have their logins)
Ms. Walburn Theater Arts  Classroom Link Class Code: t3xrq4i
Mr. Walter Geography, Economics, Debate & Mediation/ Classroom Link  Period 1 Class Code: h2njmi6  Period 2 Class Code: aevtq36  Period 3 Class Code: 6j2hra7  Period 4 Class Code: o3jjitc  Period 5 Class Code: zjcx3xf Period 7 Class Code: lvzatjv
Ms. Weber Psychologist/ Classroom Link Class Code: u62dbbr
Sgt. Wilson JROTC

Classroom Link

 ALL CLASSES Code: i6qtr6g